Don't Allow Fear to Drive, but instead let it be a Passenger

Posted March 12, 2020

Jonathan Turner

In todays current climate where the World is focusing on the ongoing Pandemic, fear is taking over and people are panicking. People all around the world are scared and taking an abundance of precautions (as they should) to protect them and their families. How can you, your family, your business survive economically in situations like this? The US Government is looking into relief programs for families and businesses, but what else can you do to not just survive, but prosper in these tough times? 

 Far too often as humans we allow fear to drive while our common sense and logic take a back seat. What if in these tough times "We didn't Allow Fear to Drive, but instead let it be a passenger"? Put logic and common sense in the drivers seat to allow you to make sound decisions and use fear to help guide you through those situations. With this COVID-19 everywhere in the news people are rushing to the store, to buy everything they can to be protected. College and professional sports leagues are cancelling their seasons, and the list continues to grow. Fear is the driving factor in all of these situations, not sound logic, not common sense. I understand the importance of taking precautions for the sake of safety, but if we cancel everything, we will not be able to survive. Instead of cancelling; limit attendance; instead of closing down businesses find a new way to work, instead of running to the store and buying everything up, buy what you need, so that everyone can get what they need. If everyone allows fear to drive them, we have no hope of getting through this, because fear will tear us all apart.

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