Velocity Minute: Protecting Your Investment

Are you and your company taking the necessary steps to protect your investment? Far too often I hear stories about how companies are not taking the necessary steps to protect their new purchase.

It is too late once that machine arrives at your facility...


You have purchased the machine, but what is stopping the seller from still using this machine? Did you get confirmation that the machine is no longer being used? Who is in charge of blocking the machine and who it taking responsibility for the blocking if damage were to occur? If you are buying directly from a dealer who has this on their floor, typically they take this responsibility on themselves, but what if you are working with a seller, are you comfortable letting them take this on themselves? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself and making sure that your team is getting answered as quickly as possible.


You need to have someone take pictures of the removal and subsequent loading of the machine onto a truck. We require pictures of the machine as it sits, blocking of the spindle, being removed from the facility and of the machine on the truck prior too and after tarping. On average we get 10 -15 photos of the machine through the process

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Stayed tuned to part 2 of Protecting your investment for more information about what to do when the machine arrives at your facility.

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